See Why I Am The Best Sex Partner To My Lover

By | May 24, 2016

Being able to perform the sexual act of lovemaking does not necessarily mean that you are the best sex partner. I personally believe that I am not just the best, but also the greatest sex partner that my partner has ever had. No wonder she has stuck to me for so long and always comes to me when she needs sexual satisfaction. I am a splendid performer. Here are the signs that am the best.

I maintain good hygiene- Hygiene is very important in any sexual relationship. I always make sure that my body is clean, my breath is fresh and I smell nice. This makes my partner comfortable when I am making love to her, hence sexual satisfaction.

I do what pleases her- I am never afraid or hesitant to do what pleases my partner. Many men fear engaging in oral sex but if that is what works magic for my lover, I cannot refuse to do it. I also normally ask her how she should be fucked; I always start slow, but as things get heated I expect her to want some pounding to occur. The thing here is to ensure that she gets the best sex experience that will forever remain embedded in her memory.

I am very adventurous- No one likes a sexual partner who is practicing sex just for the sake of doing it. This is boring. I am very adventurous and always try to experiment new and intimate things with her. This makes each of our romping session unique and fantastic. No monotony. I usually try to fuck her in different positions including the naughty ones which turn her on exceedingly much. My exceptional sex escapades make me the best adult sex partner.

I have a good body shape- I train a lot in the gym. This has enabled me to develop good muscles, nice shape, 6 pack, excellent abs, well developed arms and so many other features that usually turn her on immediately she sees me.

I communicate with her- I always ask her which fantastic things do magic for her. I normally tell her to suggest the wild things that we should try while making love. I always take into consideration her innate sexual preferences.

In conclusion, the above are signs that show that one is truly the best sex partner. Your lover will never leave you.

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